6 de setembro de 2009

Nasa desenvolve com a Nikon?

Bom, este é o artigo direto do site da nikon, sinceramente acredito que a Nikon em pouco tempo será a líder suprema no mundo das DSLR, gosto da Nikon e é a minha escolha quando se trata de DSLRs, mas isso acaba sendo ruim, pois acaba com a competitividade.

Veja o artigo abaixo ou a versão traduzida em português:


Tokyo-Nikon Corporation (President: Michio Kariya) is pleased to announce that the Company has recently received an order from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States of America for a host of photographic equipment, including D2XS digital SLR cameras, NIKKOR Lenses, and accessories to be used for recording the crew's activities both in and out of the space shuttle.

The NASA order specifically comprises of 76 D2XS digital SLR cameras, 39 NIKKOR Lenses (in two types), 64 Speedlight flashes, batteries and other accessories which will support both flight and training requirements. Except a change to NASA-specified lubricants, the D2XS models to be used for EVA are almost identical to those commercially available on the market. The D2XS models will undergo stringent NASA testing before they are qualified to be manifested for a particular mission.

The D2XS, released in June 2006, is the high-end model in the Nikon digital SLR line. With a 12.4 effective megapixel image sensor, 5 frames per second continuous shooting, the world's shortest 37ms* shutter release time lag, its top-notch performance and reliability squarely meet requirements of demanding professionals.

Nikon has long supplied NASA with photo equipment, and it has also provided expert training in the use of such equipment. The Nikon products and their reliable performance and technology have endured the harsh and demanding environment of space, contributing to the success of NASA's space program.

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